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Forms - Mining Claim, Oil and Gas, and More

Mining Claim Forms:

1.  Maintenance Fee Waiver 

2.  Maintenance Fee Payment Form - For Lode Claims, Mill Sites, and Tunnel Sites

3.  Maintenance Fee Payment Form - For Placer Mining Claims

Samples of Mining Claim Location Forms - The following two links are provided for your convenience.  You may call 916-978-4400 and inquire on location forms.

The Nevada State Division of Minerals and the State of Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources have sample mining claim forms and can be downloaded from their websites.  When using forms from either one of these sites, you will need to edit the forms to conform to California mining claims.  You may also contact individual counties for county location mining forms, and to get more information.  

Oil and Gas Leasing Program Forms:

1.  Assignment of Record Title Interest In A Lease For Oil And Gas or Geothermal Resource - Form 3000-3

2.  Transfer of Operating Rights (Sublease) In A Lease For Oil And Gas or Geothermal Resources - Form 3000-3a

3.  Oil And Gas Or Geothermal Lease Bond - Form 3000-4

4.  Offer To Lease/Lease For Oil And Gas - Form 3100-11

5.  Cash Bond Form 1822-4

6.  General Geothermal Power Plant License Bond

All Other Forms:

Bureau Forms  [Form 3830-003-Stockraising Homestead, should not be used to locate mining claims.]

Geothermal Forms