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The Geocommunicator is an interactive map viewer that permits users to search and display LR 2000 records including:  oil and gas, geothermal, solid mineral leases, mining claims, stipulations and conveyances, as well as download and dynamically map Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data.  Users can also view grazing allotment and pasture boundaries on this site.

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Land Use Planning (including NEPA documents)

Land Records:

Land and Mineral Records 2000 System (LR2000)
The LR 2000 system contains applicant and land use data on leases, permits, contracts, agreements, unpatented mining claims, and other use authorizations issued or recorded by the BLM.  Use authorizations pertain to oil and gas, sand, gravel, grazing, communications sites, and rights-of-way.

General Land Office Records (Master Title Plats, patents, etc.) 
Access Federal land title records issued between 1820 and the present, including Federal land patents, survey plats and field notes, master title plats, and more.

Helpful Information to Master Title Plats and Survey Records
Abbreviations, Plat Symbols, and NotationsFrequently Asked Questions
Master Title Plat BrochureMeridians in California
Supplemental Land Actions and Amendments (Miscellaneous Document Index)Search MTPs (aka General Land Office Records)
Land Records and Master Title Plats Survey Records (Cadastral Survey)

 Maps: Guide to online and interactive maps

 Mining and other minerals:
     Dredging-Suction Dredge Permitting Program (State of California website)
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     Mining Reports (BLM Land & Mineral Records - National Office Website)
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    - California Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Schedule
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    - Most Asked Questions on the Wild Horse and Burro Program

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