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Tom Pogacnik

Deputy State Director
Division of Natural Resources
California State Office

Tom enjoys the challenge of finding an old house, visualizing its potential, then tearing it apart and rebuilding it.  He finds, however, since becoming the deputy state director for the resources division, he doesn't get to do that as much as he used to.  Now, he spends a great deal of time facing the challenges of guiding and directing the everyday operations of one of BLM-California's larger divisions. 

An Ohio State graduate with a bachelor's degree in wildlife biology, Tom left his native Ohio for Montana to be a biologist for the U.S. Forest Service.  A few years later, he worked at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rangeland Insect Laboratory in Bozeman, Montana, while completing his masters degree in rangeland ecology at Montana State University.  Upon completing his schooling, he came to work for BLM at the Tonopah Resource Area as a rangeland conservationist.  Most of the grazing allotments under Tom's responsibility also supported large herds of wild hoses and burros.  When the field office wild horse and burro specialist moved, he picked up the duties "temporarily."  The temporary assignment turned out to be twenty-one years.

In addition to being the wild horse and burro specialist in Tonopah, Tom has held increasingly responsible position in the program.  He was the Nevada wild horse and burro program manager, the senior wild horse and burro specialist for the national program office, the chief of the national wild horse and burro program, and operations manager for the national program.  He came to California in 2002 as the state wild horse and burro program lead.   

He became the assistant DSD for resources on January 6, 2008, assuming full responsibilty for the division as the acting deputy state director when Tony Danna retired on May 25, 2008.  He was selected as the Deputy State Director on October 2, 2008.  He has a staff of  23 in the state office and 4 others scattered throughout the state. 

He enjoys running with his dogs every night.  "They are pretty forgiving of my going to work every day so long as they get their exercise when I get home," he says.

Tom and his wife Peggy live in Citrus Heights.  Peggy, recently retired as the lead archaeologist with BLM in the Carson City Field Office.  Tom says he plans to remodel their new house as time allows.


Tom Pogacnik
Tom Pogacnik