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Employee Profile

Russ Scofield

Coordinator for Desert Managers Group
California Desert District

Russ Scofiled has one of those unique positions.  He is a CDD employee working as staff to the Desert Managers Group (DMG).    His official title is the Department of the Interior coordinator for the Desert Managers Group.  

Twenty-five million acres of the California Desert, containing two national parks, a national preserve, six military bases, 72 wilderness areas 14 state parks and extensive holdings by BLM, are managed by a variety of resource agencies.  It was imperative for government agencies to come together to address the often conflicting demands on the desert lands.  Russ helps identify interagency projects, facilitates open communications among the agencies, coordinates meetings between agencies and talks to lots and lots of people.  The specific focus is on resource conservation and management, visitor services and science and data management.

An Alabama native (his father worked for NASA in Huntsville), Russ earned a degree in wildlife biology from Auburn University.  He has worked for DOI more than 18 years, starting as a park ranger with the National Park Service.  Ever moving west, Russ started as a ranger at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park (1987), then Mesa Verde National Park (1988), Kings Canyon National Park (1989-1990) and Redwoods National Park (1990-1991).  He worked for the U.S. Park Police in San Francisco from 1991 to 1993.  He came over to BLM in June 1993, to become the resident ranger in the Yucca Valley out of the Barstow Field Office.  He switch to habitiat restoration coordinator for the DMG in 2001, before becoming the overall coordinator. 

As with most BLM employees, Russ enjoys hiking, camping and backpacking; but mostly spending time with his family, wife Julie and two daughters, at their home in Yucca Valley.

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Russ Scofiled at Cottonwood Pass

"Bringing agencies together to accomplish something that no agency could do alone is highly satisfying."