Employee Profile

Pamela Mattheus

Certified Petroleum Engineering Technician 
Bakersfield Field Office 

As an oil and gas inspector with about 80 Federal leases from San Benito County to Ventura County to inspect, Pamela Mattheus has a lot to do.

"With the amount of variety in my job, no two inspection days are the same," she says. Pamela ensures that operators are following federal guidelines and regulations by inspecting areas of drilling, abandonments, work-overs, and undesirable events (such as spills). She is responsible for witnessing Blowout Prevention Equipment tests on high-risk federal oil and gas wells. These tests ensure the equipment is functioning properly, and that if a loss of well control were to happen, it would be able to seal the well -- limiting the risk to both the public and the environment.

Pamela worked as a petroleum engineering technician for 23 years prior to taking a job with the BLM. She worked in the oil fields of Alaska before transferring with her company to Bakersfield. She transferred to Texas before later returning to Bakersfield, working for a couple oil companies before joining the BLM four years ago.  She says that completing the Certification program was "huge, very intense and very demanding, but also rewarding."

Pamela is married, with two children and three grandchildren. She is currently working toward her B.S. in Geology. Pamela's number one way to relax is riding her horses. “Riding always gives me a fresh attitude and a clear perspective,” she says "I can have a really hectic week at work and the moment I take the horses out, life is good and all my worries fade away.”  She also enjoys baking and creating new desserts.

Pamela Mattheus 
Pamela Mattheus

"With the amount of variety in my job, no two inspection days are the same."