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 Employee Profile

Pamela Marble

Administrative Assistant
Branch of Geographic Services
California State Office

Pamela Marble is the staff assistant to the branch chief of geographic services. She is fairly new to BLM and is still learning about BLM and her duties in geographic services.  However, Pamela is not new to government service.  She has worked the past 25 years for the Department of Defense.

Over those 25 years, Pamela has worked for three of the five branches of the service.  Pamela started working as a data entry clerk for the Army at Fort Richardson, Alaska, then moved to the Navy at Great Lakes Naval Training Base, Illinois to work in supply and student control, then moved to the Air Force at McClellan Air Force Base working in various capacities as a section secretary, branch secretary and commander's secretary.  When McClellan closed, she was caught in a reduction in force (RIF) and was picked up by Air Force Recruiting, then was caught up in another RIF and was selected for the position with BLM. A good thing for BLM, since she had considerable experience with GovTrip (the government electronic travel system, new to the BLM) and was drafted to conduct several training classes for BLM almost as soon as she arrived.

Through her experiences with the military, she is passionate about the love of her country and has adopted the military core values as her own.  Integrity, Selfless-Service, Excellence, Loyalty, Honor - all words she lives by.   

Pamela was born in San Rafael, but her father's work took the family all across the country.  She moved to Illinois and Wisconsin at the age of 12 and left when she was 24, so she claims that area as her home.  She says she has been to every state except the Dakotas and twice to Europe. 

She says she is a solitary person and likes to sit back and read a good murder mystery book.   She lives in Antelope with her dogs (Smokey and Mimi), but her parents are close by in Rio Linda.  She also has two brothers in the area and she is very close to her nieces and nephews.  

Pamela Marble
Pamela Marble

"I am very excited to be working for BLM and very anxious to get out there and see what exactly it is we do here."