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Employee Profile

Pamela Graham

Legal Assistant/Docket Clerk
California State Office

Ask her how she is doing, today?  She will tell you, "Fantastic! Never, ever better." 

That's Pamela.  Full of energy and an appreciation for life. 

She works in the cadastral support and records section in the state office.  She began her association with BLM as a volunteer for two years.  With a some education in international relations and linguistics, she eventually secured a temporary position in external affairs for 18 months, then a temporary position in fire and aviation for six months before being hired on permanently in her current position.  Previously, she worked for Apple Computer as a call center manager and customer service trainer for 16 years.  

A daughter to an American father and Spanish mother, Pamela grew up in Spain and the Silicon Valley near San Jose.  She now lives in Yuba City with husband Jeff, an information technology contractor with BLM, and son, Brandon.  The whole family is involved in community theater, performing in several plays each year.  In one such role, she had less than a month to learn nearly 400 lines.  A difficult task..."And my memory is not what it used to be," she says.  She also enjoys working with animals, but her family is what is most precious to her. 

Pamela Graham
Pamela Graham

"Immerse yourself in whatever you are doing, because tomorrow is a gift to be newly appreciated each time it comes around."