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Employee Profile

Noël Ann Stephens

Public Contact Representative
California Desert District

Noël Stephens says that every woman on both sides of her family were elementary school teachers, so she vowed not to be one.  Now they laugh at her because she teaches environmental education as an extension of her public contact representative duties.

Noël is perfectly fitted as the public contact representative in the Desert District Office in Moreno Valley.  She is upbeat, positive and full of energy.  She loves people and the "off the wall" questions they ask.  She takes each question as a challenge to find the right answer.  When providing environmental education to young school children, she delights in seeing the light go on in their faces.  She enjoys connecting with adults to change an attitude about the agency or about recreation and feeling confident they heard her. 

Besides her contact rep. and environmental ed duties, Noël takes on several collateral duties.  She is BLM's representative for Wonderful World Outdoors-Los Angeles.  WOW takes inner city youth between the ages of 8 and 12 on their first outdoor experience on public lands.  She is also one of two BLM representatives for the Los Angeles County Fair interagency exhibit planning staff.  The exhibit, called "Caring for the Land," ranges from fire prevention to alternative energy displays to BLM's wild horse and burro exhibit in the barns.  Each day, approximately 12,000 student visit the exhibit during the fair. She is also webmaster for the California Desert District, designing and updating pages such as renewable energy and abandoned mine lands.

One of her favorite collateral duties is being the volunteer coordinator for the Desert District Office and serving as chairperson for the Volunteer Project Adjunct Team, a nationwide team of volunteer coordinators that craft policy and instructions for the program.  He favorite part is being a Basic Volunteer Administrator Training instructor and visiting other states to see how their programs work. 

Noël has a bachelor of science degree in biology from California Baptist University.  While attending school to become an optometrist, she worked in the public affairs office at March Air Force Reserve Base as a STEP (Student Temporary Experience Program) employee.   A month before graduation, she was asked by her former supervisor at March to come to work for BLM.  She worked two years as a contractor for BLM and USGS (they shared her time) and four years as a full time employee.  She says she thinks she is going to be a "lifer."

Noël is a single mom to a four year old son and lives in Riverside, CA.

Noël Ann Stephens
Noel Ann Stephens and chuckwalla at the Los Angeles County Fair.

"I came to BLM and fell in love with the mission, the land, the people and the reason why we work as hard as we do for the United States."