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Employee Profile


Mike Sintetos

Renewable Energy Project Manager, CASO Division of Natural Resources

Not often can someone say they’ve won a national championship before.  In fact, neither can Mike Sintetos -- but he sure was close.  As a member of a local competitive Ultimate Frisbee team, Mike and his squad finished 3rd in the country at Nationals in 2007.  He is captain of another Ultimate Frisbee team this year, and also enjoys other outdoor activities including backpacking and hiking.  But when he’s not outdoors enjoying his hobbies he’s keeping busy as a project manager for Renewable Energy here at the BLM.

After growing up in Santa Cruz, California, Mike attended UC Davis and graduated in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in psychology.  He also completed a variety of research jobs for UC Davis, worked in the university's communications department and as a backpacking guide for the City of Davis.  He then moved to the Midwest, attending the University of Michigan where he received his master's degree in Natural Resources and Environment in 2010.  While working towards his master's Mike worked for an environmental non-profit, Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

Mike credits his constant interest in sustainable resource management with getting him started with his current occupation here at the BLM.  He states that “graduate school in Michigan introduced me to BLM’s complex task of juggling such diverse uses of public lands.”  While here working for BLM, Mike’s duties involve working with BLM-California's External Affairs on renewable energy-related public outreach, assisting with National Environmental Policy Act reviews, and managing statewide renewable energy data.

Mike’s family consists of his mom, dad, a younger brother and his fiancée, Nerissa Rujanavech.

Mike Sintetos
Mike Sintetos refers to a book while working at his desk

"Graduate school in Michigan introduced me to BLM’s complex task of juggling such diverse uses of public lands."