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Employee Profile

Mark Ackerman

Wildlife Biologist
Cosumnes River Preserve
Folsom Field Office

Mark's love for wildlife, natural resources and outdoor world brought him to his occupation as the wildlife biologist at Cosumnes River Preserve.  Initially, a wetland volunteer for over five years, he was awarded a Presidential Volunteer Service Award for his outstanding contiributions to the preserve as a volunteer.  He became a seasonal wildlife technician for a year before finally becoming a full time wildlife biologist in 2004.

As his duties have become more focused on designing wetlands projects and improvements, he spends less time in the field than he used to or would like to.  But, he still  takes time to don his wadders and slog around in shallow water, assisting the wetland manager mucking beaver debris out of the water control structures, monitoring and inventorying water birds and assessing habitat conditions.  

He received a bachelors degree in wildlife management from Humboldt State University in 1997 and has an associates degree in natural resources from San Joaquin Delta College, with emphasis on geology, wildlife and botany. 

When not working in the great outdoors or meeting with preserve partners and neighbors, Mark likes to play in the great outdoors, pursuing  his interests in fishing, hunting, messing around in the garden and spending time in the Sierra Mountains.  He says he would love to visit every state, but when it comes right down to it, home is truly where the heart is and his heart is firmly rooted at his home in Lodi, California with his family whom he declares are fantastic and give him lots of needed support.  

Mark Ackerman
Mark Ackerman

"This is it and I can't imagine being in a better place."