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Employee Profile

Marcia deChadenedes

Outreach & Partnership Coordinator
California Coastal National Monument

She considers her skill set to be that of an administrative folklorist, a person who manages programs that can preserve and sustain traditional folk practices. "That's why I'm good with partnering projects -- I identify our partners' cultures and find common ground that gets everybody's needs met."

A skill set needed to elevate and implement the priorities of the California Coastal National Monument.  Her experiences have crafted and honed her skills. 

A native of Colorado Springs, she attended Colorado State University, obtaining her bachelor's degree in political science.  After several years in Alaska, she returned south to study at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, B.C., receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree, then went on for a master's degree in arts administration from the University of Oregon.  The arts are part of her everyday world.  She studied art in Japan;  she worked as a creative education program manager at the Centrum Foundation in Port Townsend, Washington; museum curator intern for the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Tribal Museum at Warm Springs, Oregon; community grants program evaluator for the Oregon Arts Council in Salem, Oregon; and, museum outreach programs manager for the Museum of New Mexico. 

Working for non-profits, creative education and museums brought her to the BLM.  She was the associate director of BLM's El Camino Real International Heritage Center in Socorro, New Mexico; BLM's project lead in partnership with New Mexico's state monuments; and most recently, the BLM's Continental Divide National Scenic Trail liaison.

Her skills are utilized by the CCNM as she facilitates outreach, education and preservation of the monument through partnerships with similarly directed organizations, federal agencies, and California state partners.  Currently, her focus is on the California Coast Geotourism Intitiative. 

Marcia deChandenedes

"I am passionate about landscapes. I love food. California is a great place to be!"

Marcia says the best part of her new job is getting to work with BLMers all over California.  She says, "I have so much enjoyed connecting with people with all kinds of skills, interests and talents that actually get stuff done!"

Marcia and her husband, "a retired museum professional, amateur phtographer and talented BLM volunteer," live in Pacific Grove.