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Employee Profile

Lynnette Elser

Project Manager and Planning and Environmental Coordinator 
Renewable Energy Coordination Office
California Desert District

Lynnette Elser provides guidance in the development of environmental documents for energy projects in the California Desert.  This is a fairly new assignment.  However, Lynnette has been doing environmental work in some aspect for most of her career. 

Lynnette started her federal career as a chemist with the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia.  When the agency went through a reorganization, the lab where she worked was moved.  Lynnette chose to transfer to the Environmental Protection Agency and remain in Philadelphia instead of relocating with the lab. 

From the EPA, she moved to the Bureau of Reclamation as an environmental/physical scientist and deputy branch chief in Yuma, Arizona.  One of her favorite undertakings was working on the environmental permitting and compliance for a restoration project along the Colorado River. 

She started with the BLM as the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) coordinator and resources branch chief in El Centro.  Then she had a brief stint as the recreation branch chief in the BLM's Barstow Field Office before becoming a NEPA coordinator in the California Desert District office.

Lynnette grew up in Glendora in southern California.  She has a bachelor's degree in math from California State University, Los Angeles and a teaching credential for math, chemistry and general science from Cal Poly, Pomona. 

She now lives in Crestline, a small community by Lake Gregory.  Lynnette has two grown adopted daughters, April and Angelyn.  She adopted them when they were ten years old.  After they grew up, Lynnette was not done parenting and adopted Eddie and Jenny from Guatemala.  They enjoy learning about different cultures and like going to new places.  They rode the train from California to Chicago then on to Washington, D.C. and North Carolina and back.  They enjoy going on cruises and have visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and England. 

Lynnette Elser
Lynnette Elser

"My children are adventurous and enjoy each day to its fullest!"