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Employee Profile

Lori Rosenstein

Employee Relations
California State Office

As an employee relations specialist in the human resources office for BLM-California, Lori Rosenstein advises managers and supervisors on various employee performance and conduct issues. 

Lori lived in the same house in a small town called Norwich, Vermont, until she left to attend college.  Norwich lies on the western bank of the Connecticut River, which forms Vermont’s boundary with New Hampshire, opposite its companion town, Hanover, New Hampshire.   As a child, she enjoyed the experience of all four seasons -- fall colors, winter sledding and skiing, spring sightseeing trips to see covered bridges, and summers camping in Maine.  She loved indulging in Cabot cheddar cheese and genuine Vermont maple syrup.  She likes to brag about her home state and the purity of its landscapes since Vermont has no billboards.  She maintains life-long friendships in the area and visits every few years.  Luckily, this summer she returned for her 20th class reunion.

Lori left the bucolic life in Norwich, but she didn't travel far at first.  She ventured down the road about 90 miles to attend the University of Vermont in Burlington, graduating in 1994 with a degree in English and political science.   While an undergraduate in 1993, she spent three months conducting an independent project about women in development in Namibia, Africa.  Currently, Lori is finishing her thesis for a master's degree in counseling from St. Mary's College of California in Moraga. 

Lori began her government career as a Peace Corps volunteer in August 2000.  She taught English to Russian and Uzbeck children in Karshi, Uzbekistan.  She also conducted a high school English class and ran an after school English language class for adults.  During the summer, she ran a 10-day camp for high school girls. 

During her tenure with the Peace Corps, Lori applied for federal government work.  In 2002, after 14 months overseas, she landed a federal job in the civilian personnel office at Travis Air Force Base.    Since living in California, she has lived in Fairfield, Albany, and Walnut Creek.   She currently resides in Vacaville.  Lori joined BLM in January 2010.

Lori Rosenstein
Lori Rosenstein

Lori has two older brothers, one near Seattle, Washington and the other in the Bay Area.  Even though they all spent their early years on the East Coast, they have all moved West.  Her father, retired from civil service, and her mother have moved to northern California to live closer to the children and grandchildren. 

Besides spending time with her aging parents, Lori enjoys traveling, cooking and baking, hiking, catching a good movie and experiencing new eateries.  She also enjoys the arts and music performances, having attended the San Francisco symphony and the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts.  In addition to world travel, she thrives on interacting with people of different cultures and backgrounds.