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Employee Profile

Leisyka (Lee) Parrott

Biological Technician
Surprise Field Office

Fresh from the outdoors, Leisyka is tanned and relaxed.  It's her dream job, she says.  "My degree was in natural resources and I have known for a long time this is exactly where I want to be."  She has been in the Surprise Field Office for seven years.

Much of her job is working the NEPA requirements for hazardous fuels reduction projects.  She is also the wilderness lead and works on projects in wilderness study areas such as signing and illegal road reclamation.  She says she is also fortunate enough to work on implementing aspen restoration projects with David Burton of the Aspen Delineation Project.  For the last six years, she helped create and implement the wildland fire effects monitoring program for the Surprise Field Office.  On Sundays during fire season she also works at Yellow Peak Lookout on the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge.  Recently, she took on updating their website and enjoys learning how it works.  "It's the work I save for late Friday afternoon, when I am burnt out on NEPA stuff and just want to do something fun," she says.

Leisyka was involved in finding grant money to help the local high school build a greenhouse.  Now the school students help grow bitterbrush and other vegetation for wildland fire restoration projects.

Leisyka has a bachelor of science degree from Humboldt State University and is currently enrolled at Oregon State University to fulfill requirements for a graduate certificate in sustainable natural resources.

Originally from Santa Cruz, Lee now lives in Cedarville with husband Blair, a wildlife technician for the Surprise Field Office, and their son Izaak.  She enjoys backpacking with her husband into wilderness (they were married at Ward Lake in the Trinity Alps in July 2002), swimming in high mountain lakes, camping on a river and a weekend with girlfriends drinking wine and laughing.

Leisyka Parrot
Leisyka Parrot

"This is pretty much my dream job.  I get to work outside on wildland habitat restoration."