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Employee Profile

Kristin Minster

Congressional & Legislative Liaison
External Affairs
California State Office

Kristin interfaces with the California congressional delegation on all issues pertaining to BLM in California.  As the congressional and legislative liaison, Kristin reviews and writes congressional testimony, responds to congressional inquiries and correspondence and accompanies members of Congress and staff on site visits and tours and anything else that deals with Congress and how it relates to BLM.

Kristin is new to BLM, but not to the Department of the Interior.  She says her initial hire by DOI was totally by chance.  She had moved to Washinton, D.C. specifically to work in the public sector.  She didn't know much about DOI but, through some serendipitous events and hard work, she got a job in the Secretary's office.  Most recently, she was special assistant to the associate deputy secretary for the Department.  She has over five years with DOI.

Kristin earned a bachelor's degree in American studies from Brigham Young University.  While in college she did an internship in Boston, Massachusetts with INC magazine, which got her interested in organizational behavior and business.  After graduation she worked for a small business consulting firm and then a high-tech company as a manager of their corporate development team. 

Originally an art major in college, she still loves to paint, do calligraphy and bookbinding.  She enjoys reading classic literature, traveling and cooking interesting new recipes.  She says she is quite a "foodie."   She also enjoys sports, especially vollyball, and has completed two marathons. 

Kristin was born and raised in Orem, Utah where her parents live.  She has five sisters and eight nieces and nephews.  Although new to California, it appears she may be staying for a while.  She will be married in June.

Kristin Minster
Kristin Minster

"I'd always wanted to work within the federal government at some point in my career and this has been a wonderful fit."