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Employee Profile

Keith Johnson

Mother Lode Field Office

Keith Johnson and the Bureau of Land Management are a natural fit.

He loves to ride horses, hunt and fish. While he grew up in Minnesota, he has spent most of his life since high school in the Mountain West, specifically in Idaho. He began his career as a seasonal firefighter for the US Forest Service in 1980 in the wildfire-prone mountains of Idaho. And he’s no stranger to inclement weather.

A graduate of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks in 1986, Johnson says he experienced the cold of 68 degrees below zero. “That was not wind-chill, just straight temperature,” he said. “Spit really does freeze before it hits the ground!”

Johnson is right at home in the Mother Lode Field Office, where he recently took the position of Forester. After 16 years in Salmon, Idaho as a forester and GIS specialist, he now lives in Carson City, Nevada. He has four children, including 10-year-old Zane and 11-year-old Madison. His 19-year-old son Ben and 21-year-old son Dustin live in Montana and both are attending college there.

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Keith experienced 68 degrees below in Alaska, where:

 "Spit really does freeze before it hits the ground!"