Employee Profile

Johna Hurl

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Johna Hurl was born in La Mesa, California but has been a long time resident of the Carrisa Plain.  She is the newly appointed manager for the Carrizo Plain National Monument, which operates out of the Bakersfield Field Office.  She has been the acting manager since 2005.

Confused about Carrizo and Carrisa?  Johna explained very briefly that the valley was originally called Carrizo by the Spaniards, which means 'reed grass' in Spanish.  Later emigration saw the name changed to "Carrisa", however, when the BLM entered the picture the name changed back to the first written name of record, Carrizo.

She originally came to this position because she enjoyed working outdoors and has spent the whole of her 13 years with the Bureau of Land Management in the Carrizo.  "I really enjoy that area and have dedicated a lot of time and effort there," she tells us.

Johna is married with two young daughters.  Johna attended California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, California where she earned her bachelor's degree in agriculture.  Johna also enjoys horseback riding, and has been western-style riding quarter horses since childhood.

Johna Hurl

" I enjoy being a part of preserving one of the most unique areas of California for future generations."