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Employee Profile - Focus on Youth

Jennifer Bartlau

Biological Intern/Technician
Pine Hill Preserve
Motherlode Field Office

Usually hidden beneath a broad rimmed hat and dark sunglasses to protect her from the bright sun, Jennifer Bartlau collects seeds for the "Seeds of Success" program at the Pine Hill Preserve. 

Jennifer, halfway into a five-month conservation and land management internship through the Chicago Botanic Garden and BLM at the Pine Hill Preserve, has been exposed to multiple aspects of preserve management.  Besides gathering seeds, she has gained experience in weed removal, the NEPA process, and has worked with GIS and GPS units.   She looks forward to learning as much as she can in the next few months.

Coming from a family of health professionals (her sister is a nurse at UCLA and her mother is also a nurse), she began college with a lot of human biology and anthropology, but during her course studies she discovered she enjoyed botany.  She finished with a bachelor's degree in molecular environmental biology and a minor in nutritional sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.   She decided to take a restoration ecology course in Oregon during the summer to get more experience, then decided to search for possible job opportunities.  She landed a position at Mount Lassen National Park as a biology technician.   With this experience she submitted her application for the internship. 

She is not all about science.  She may be passionate about botany, but she is talented in the arts as well.  She is an accomplished

Jennifer Bartlau gathers seeds for "Seeds of Success" at Pine Hill Preserve
Jennifer Bartlau gathers seeds for "Seeds of Success" at Pine Hill Preserve

"I took a course in medical ethnobotany while I was still planning on working in the health field and really enjoyed the botany aspect of the course."

dancer, receiving a one-year dance scholarship at a dance studio in southern California, dancing 30 hours a week.  She loves the ocean, drawing, yoga, traveling, coffee and learning new things like surfing and sailing.  She adores animals and can't wait to have a dog.

Jennifer was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but moved Corona del Mar, California, where her parents still live.   She resides in Eldorado Hills.