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Employee Profile

Janet Eubanks

Renewable Energy Project Manager
Realty Specialist
California Desert District

Janet Eubanks wears two hats in the California Desert District office.  She is a project manager for one of the "fast-track" solar projects, working with the California Energy Commission on joint environmental documents. Her duties as a realty specialist are to acquire private lands within the flat-tailed horned lizard habitat management area in Imperial County.  

Janet grew up in Granger, Utah, one of four communities that now make up West Valley City, Utah.  During the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, West Valley City was the official venue for men's and women's ice hockey.

Janet was the deputy clerk for the 11th Precinct Court in Murray, Utah, when she applied for a position with BLM at the BLM-Utah state office.  She knew on her first day with the BLM, she wanted to become a realty specialist because of the wide variety of work involved.  She worked as a stenographer in Utah until 1981, when she moved to Fairbanks, Alaska and became a land law examiner.  She remained there until 1987.  She went to work in accounts receivable for the California Desert District that year.  She achieved her goal in 1991 when she became a realty specialist.   She moved to Ridgecrest in 1995 to be a realty specialist there until 2009 when she moved back to the Desert District office.  The district manager decided to expand Janet's experience and asked her to help out as a project manager for one of the many renewable energy projects proposed for the California Desert.

Janet has a diverse educational background.  Besides numerous BLM training classes, she has three associates degrees: one in math and science; one in liberal arts; and one in behavioral science. Outside of her busy BLM workplace, Janet likes to travel, read, swim, walk, hike, play with her dog and visit with friends and family.

Janet lives in Murrietta, California with her husband Scott, also a realty specialist for BLM.  They have two sons serving in the U.S. Navy.  Her 24-year old is a officer and their 20-year old is enlisted.  Both are currently stationed in San Diego. 

Janet Eubanks
Janet Eubanks

"Both of these positions keep me extremely busy, but I enjoy learning and working with a large and diverse group of people."