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Employee Profile

Jack Hamby

Associate District Manager
California Desert District

Jack Hamby says the job announcement said he would be the "alter ego" for the district manager.  He quipped, "Never having been an 'alter ego' before, he had to look it up before applying for the job to see if he was qualified." 

Gifted with a quick wit and 18 years of BLM experience , Jack Hamby has had no difficulty in fitting in at the California Desert District Office. 

Jack is a second generation BLMer.  His dad worked in Ely and Battle Mountain, Nevada while he was growing up.  Jack started his BLM career as a coop education student in the Eagle Lake office as a range conservationist in 1990.  He spent seven years in Susanville before moving to Tonopah, Nevada as a wild horse and burro specialist with collateral duties in public affairs/fire information, forestry and woodlands, NEPA and Fire (initial attack).  Three years later he moved to Battle Mountain as chief of operations with primary responsibilities for oversight and supervision of the implementation of the 1999 post-fire stabilization and rehabilitation efforts and a large rangeland improvement and force account program.  After two years there, he went to Washington, D.C. as the national emergency stabilization and rehabilitation coordinator and range improvement coordinator for three years.  He was then selected as the deputy division chief for rangeland resources.  He became the acting program lead for the national monitoring strategy division before being selected for the CDD job.

Jack graduated with a bachelor of science degree (with distinction) in natural resources management - range management from the University of Nevada, Reno.   

Jack says his greatest accomplishment is his family.  He is married and has three sons.   They enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, rock hunting, boating, canoeing, baseball, football and Scouting.

Jack Hamby
Jack Hamby

"If you get to know me, you will find out that I am a really nice guy."