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Employee Profile

J. Barry Bonnett

Contact Representative
Information Access Center
California State Office

Barry Bonnett loves the outdoors.  He was raised in the hill country northwest of Austin, Texas.  In 1983, he was set to start studying forestry at Stephen F. Austin University in East Texas. To fill the time before departing for college, his sister sweet talked him into working at the small title company where she worked.  He searched courthouse and plant records for the Austin, Texas company.  The combination of research, law and dealing with the public seemed to be a good fit.  Plus, the company saw his potential and continued training and promoting him through the title portion of the industry and then into the escrow side, as an escrow officer.

Twenty-six years later, after advancing to district manager of a five state area, he broke from the title and escrow business and became a landman for a small land service company in Reno, Nevada.  As a landman, he researched public and private records, reviewing the status of title in an effort to reduce title risks associated with ownership in minerals and the exploration and development of minerals.  He utilized the BLM public room in Nevada to complete some of his research and became acquainted with the staff there.  They convinced him he would be a good fit with BLM.  Barry came to BLM California in July 2009. 

In the Information Access Center, otherwise known as the public room, Barry handles mining claim questions and filings and assists the public answering questions about public lands. 

He still loves the outdoors, taking advantage of the nearby mountains to hike and camp.  He, his wife and three children live in Shingle Springs in El Dorado County. 

J Barry Bonnett
J Barry Bonnett