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Employee Profile

Donna Dearing

Financial Assistant
Information Access Center
California State Office

Donna Dearing is a financial assistant in the Information Access Center (public room) in the California State Office.  She started working for BLM in January 2008. 

She was born and raised in Orland, California, a farming community west of Chico, just off Interstate 5, in northern California.  Out of high school, she moved to Spokane, Washington to attend school.  After receiving her dental assistance credential, she moved to Idaho to be near family that had migrated there from California. Except for time spent in military service, Donna spent most of  the next 30 years in Idaho.  She moved back to California to reside with her spouse. 

Donna is no stranger to government service.  She enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1983 and spent nearly eight years on active duty, five of which were in Germany.  She left the Army to return to Idaho, but found she was not done with military service.  She saw an Idaho National Guard recruiter on the steps of city hall one day in 1992 and before the year was out, she was a member of the Guard.  She went to work on a full-time basis for the Guard in 1993, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer in March 2006, with over 21 years of active service. 

During her military career as a military intelligence analyst, she had many interesting assignments.  She worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) in Germany and at Ft. Meade, Maryland, while on active duty; she supported the Drug Enforcement Administration Boise office as an analyst on loan from the National Guard; and, for the last six years of her career, she was the Idaho National Guard's substance abuse officer and was the northwest regional representative on the National Guard Bureau's substance abuse council.

Outside the work place, Donna and her husband like to travel, enjoying rural areas the most (it's the farmer in her).  She is an avid reader and likes "Wine-ing" with her husband, particularly the Sierra Foothills wine growing areas.   She and her husband of four years reside in Roseville.  They have three grown children, four grand children and a "grand-puppy."

Donna Dearing

"I enjoy being here.  Especially since I can ride to and from work with my husband."