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Employee Profile

Darrin Von Helf

Law Enforcement Ranger, Eagle Lake Field Office

Darrin Von Helf, a Bureau of Land Management law enforcement ranger, has traded the Dumont Dunes in the Mojave Desert of southern California for the Pine Dunes in the high, cold desert of  northeast California.  Von Helf, a four-year veteran of the BLM law enforcement program in Barstow,  recently began duties as the sole ranger for the BLM's Eagle Lake Field Office in Susanville.  He'll be responsible for patrolling more than a million acres, including lands in northwest Nevada.

Von Helf will experience a vastly different working environment as he moves from southern California to northeast California.  For example, the  Dumont Dunes location attracts thousands of off roaders, while comparatively few people ever see the out-of-place trees in Eagle Lake's aptly named Pine Dunes.  Regardless of location or the level of  visitor use, Von Helf takes great satisfaction in resource protection and has been busy learning the issues and exploring the landscape since his arrival in Susanville.

A native of San Bernardino, Von Helf has spent his entire career in law enforcement, starting as a deputy sheriff in his home county.   He was a field training officer and senior investigator for his department's major accident investigation team.  He patrolled areas including the Colorado River, Chino, Victorville and Needles, and that work often put him in contact with BLM law enforcement rangers.  That work with BLM, combined with his love of the outdoors, sparked Von Helf's interest in resource protection, and he pursued a BLM law enforcement career.  He graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in 2007, and his BLM career was launched.  He enjoys all aspects of the BLM law enforcement mission, from enforcement to public education, and is especially proud of his selection as a member of the BLM Law Enforcement Honor Guard.

Von Helf is getting settled in to the Susanville area with his wife and two young daughters. When not busy at work, he enjoys a wide variety of outdoor pursuits.

Darrin Von Helf
A BLM ranger stands by the open door of a ranger vehicle

"I am really enjoying getting to know this landscape known as the high, cold desert and the communities served by the Eagle Lake Field Office."