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Employee Profile

Charlie Wright

Realty Specialist
Eagle Lake Field Office

Surrounded by books and files of his trade as a realty specialist, Charlie Wright is the picture of dedicated professionalism.  You would not know when fall rolls around each year and the football season starts, Charlie is an avid fan of the San Diego Chargers.   Charlie may have left left the Southern California city where he was raised over 20 years ago, but has remained loyal to the team no matter where he resides.

Charlie chose to leave the southernmost city in California to attend Humboldt State University, California's northern most state university campus.  As an undergraduate in 1986, Charlie received the K.S. "Boots" Adams scholarship award from the Society for Range Management. Which included, he says,  an all-expense-paid trip to cut and stack hay on a buffalo ranch in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  

"They (buffalo) can be hard to keep contained," Charlie says, "So, much of my time was spent helping to fix fences and corrals.  They are amazing animals."  

After graduation in 1988, Charlie took a temporary position with the BLM as a range conservationist in the California Desert District.  When his term expired after a year, he went to work for a tree service and earned his real estate license.  He came back to BLM permanently in 1991 as a range conservationist in Tonopah, Nevada.  After eight years of surviving the second sagebrush rebellion, Charlie left the range management position when a realty specialist position became available and Charlie decided to give it a shot.   In 2003, Charlie transferred to Redding, California as a realty specialist and in 2009 moved one more time to Susanville to fill a much-needed realty slot for the Eagle Lake Field Office.

Charlie and his wife Janis live in Susanville with their three daughters.  Outside of the workplace, Charlie relaxes by spending time with his family, watching movies, listening and playing music, hiking or working in the yard.


Charlie Wright
Charlie Wright

"I live and die by the San Diego Chargers and they will win the Super Bowl.  This is the year!"