Two people stand on a grassy hillside in the King Range Wilderness, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Mtn. Bike Rider on the Bizz Johnson Trail King Range National Conservation Area Poppy Three Pump Jacks, Midway-Sunset Oilfield
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Employee Profile

Bob Wick

Wilderness & Wild and Scenic Rivers Program Lead, and Volunteer Coordinator

Every wonder who’s behind all those gorgeous photos of BLM-managed land throughout California and the West? Meet Bob Wick, co-lead for BLM-California’s National Landscape Conservation System, and an accomplished amateur photographer.

Wick’s photos of some of BLM’s most treasured landscapes have been used far and wide in publications and in the media. His photos played a vital role in telling the public the story of the NLCS during last year’s 10th anniversary, and they continue to garner national attention today.

“I am an avid outdoor photographer and BLM lands are my favorite subject, as they are often overlooked by other photographers,” he said. “Having my photos published by the BLM, private publishers and in the media has been my most rewarding accomplishment with the BLM. Through my photos, I’ve been able to share our amazing landscapes.”

Wick says he is a self-taught photographer, but his love for BLM’s NLCS units surely stems from his 24-year career with the BLM, which began in Canon City, Colorado in 1988.

“It was my first trip out West,” says the Pennsylvania native. “I started as a seasonal employee, then became the district recreation and wilderness lead.”

In 1993, Wick came to BLM-California’s Ukiah Field Office as the wilderness program lead, and he’s been in California ever since. In 1995, he became the recreation planner at the King Range National Conservation Area, the first NCA ever designated in the BLM.

“We had only three employees when I started working at the King Range, so I was a jack of all trades,” he said. “During the summer I was in the field about 90 percent of the time – a dream job!”

He stayed in the Arcata Field Office until 2010, and over the years had the opportunity to lead the King Range NCA Resource Management Plan process and work on several other NLCS RMPs, including for the Headwaters Forest Reserve, the California Coastal National Monument and the Carrizo Plain National Monument. In 2010, he came to work at the California State Office.

Bob Wick standing in the snow
Bob Wick

"Volunteers rock!"


His deep understanding and knowledge of California’s NLCS units has surely contributed to his beautiful photography. Want to see? Many of his most beautiful photos are available from the national BLM website as downloadable wallpaper -- and others specific to California are on the BLM-California website.

Wick, who has a bachelor’s degree in Forestry and a master’s degree in Natural Resource Planning, lives in Carmichael with his partner Noah Schreier. When he’s not taking photos, he enjoys backpacking, hiking, biking, camping, and just about any other outdoor pursuit.

He also serves as BLM-California’s volunteer coordinator.