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Employee Profile

Beth Wenstrom

Supervisory Cartographer
California State Office

Beth Wenstrom is the section chief for the geographic coordinate data base (GCDB) and mapping sciences section in the branch of geographic services & cadastral survey.  More simply put, she is the supervisory cartographer for the state. 

Beth brings a wealth of experience and education to the position.  Before coming to BLM less than six months ago, Beth was the Pacific Region geographer and GIS manager for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  She started in this field of work as an intern while attending school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.  She went on to become a geography instructor at the University. Other positions she held include cartographic technician, cartographer and geologist for USGS in Flagstaff and Denver; GIS manager for the city of Sacramento; and a systems analyst for Standard Oil of Alaska.

Beth earned a bachelor's degree in geography and remote sensing from Northern Arizona University and went on to post-graduate studies in geology.  She earned a juris doctorate degree from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento in 2005 and worked as an intern in the Solicitor's office. 

She received training from USGS to fly as an instrument operator on board low attitude remote sensing surveys to look for oil and gas in the National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska.  She was also on a survey team that retraced the George Crook Trail across Arizona on horseback.

When not on the job, Beth enjoys being with family and friends, gardening, horseback riding, painting and cooking.

She was raised in the Sacramento area and now lives in Camino in El Dorado County with her husband of 21 years, Robert Wenstrom.  She has two daughters in college, Alyse is a junior at Colorado State University and Christie is a freshman as Northern Arizona University.

Beth Wenstrom

"I am very proud to work and be a part of the BLM organization."