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Employee Profile

Bernadette Lovato

Field Office Manager
Bishop Field Office

Bernadette Lovato grew up near the small community of Moriarty, New Mexico, about 30 miles east of Albuquerque.  Moriarty is called the "Crossroads of Opportunity" because it is perfectly located in the heart of New Mexico along the Historic Route 66 in the Estancia Valley, which contains the geographic center of New Mexico.

She is the youngest of eight children.  Besides being the baby, her large family was especially close since the nearest neighbor was a half mile away.  Some of her most memorable family and friend experiences are of time outdoors, hiking, hunting and camping in the nearby southern Rocky Mountains. 

Most of Bernadette's career has been in natural resource and land management agencies and she says, "has provided excellent opportunities to engage in public-private partnerships."  

She began her federal career in 1990 as a concessions assistant for the National Park Service at their Southwest Regional Office in Santa Fe.  In 1994 she transferred to the Grand Canyon National Park.  She was the concession management specialist and public affairs officer in the Lake Havasu Resource Area from 1995 to 1997.  She held that same position in Glacier National Park until 2002, when she transferred back to Lake Havasu as the lead concession management specialist. 

She attended New Mexico State University in the 1980s and was a participant in BLM's pilot Emerging Leaders Program. 

After completing the Emerging Leaders Program, she began applying for management positions.  In June 2007, she was selected as the associate district manager for BLM's Colorado River District in Arizona.  She became the Bishop manager in December 2009.

As the Bishop Field Office manager she oversees 42 employees and programs to "sustain the health, diversity and productivity of the 750,000 acres of your BLM public lands we are entrusted to manage. These public lands in Mono and Inyo counties span the length of the eastern Sierra from Topaz Lake to Owens Lake in a region dominated by public agency lands."

Bernadette Lovato
Bernadette Lovato

"I place great value on working at the field office level, where the 'boots hit the ground'."

Bernadette was married to the late Pat Lovato for 24 1/2 years and has two adult children.  she still enjoys family and friends and experiencing the outdoors.  One of her goals while living in the Eastern Sierra is to master fly fishing.