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Employee Profile

Barbara Chang

Human Resources Specialist
California State Office

For the first twelve years of her life, Barbara Chang lived in Portland, Oregon.  It is a beautiful city surrounded by lots of green trees and majestic mountains, some of which are volcanoes and occasionally remind you they are still active (i.e. Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood).  At age 12, she left the northern reaches of Oregon and moved with her mother, two older sisters and two younger brothers to Keyes, California, a small community between Modesto and Turlock, where she spent the rest of her adolescence.  It was quite a departure from the cool northwest city with an average rainfall of 35 inches per year to the warm (sometimes hot) central California community that has less than a dozen inches per year. 

Barbara joined the U.S. Air Force in 2002.  Except for basic training and a four-month deployment to Balad, Iraq, she spent her enlistment at Cannon Air Force Base near Clovis, New Mexico, working in the operation management department in the civil engineering unit.  While in Clovis, she completed a bachelors degree in business administration from Wayland Baptist University, receiving her diploma in 2005.  She left the Air Force in 2007 to pursue a masters degree in human resources from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  She completed her degree in May 2008. 

Barbara came to the BLM from the California Department of Personnel Administration, where she worked for about 10 months before accepting the BLM position in May 2009.  Some of her duties include reviewing personnel action requests, processing new appointments, leave without pay requests and separation actions.  She assists with employee requests such as changes in health and life insurance and address changes.  She also helps resolve pay problems. 

Barbara is single and lives in Elk Grove, where her family now resides.  Outside the workplace, Barbara likes to go camping when the weather is right.  She also loves to practice piano, which she took up about the time she started working for BLM.  She likes playing video and PC games, going to the gym and just hanging out with her sisters during happy hour. 

Barbara Chang
Barbara Chang

"I've always wanted to be in human resources."