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Wild horse from the High Rock ComplexHigh Rock Complex 
Take a tour of the High Rock Complex in northwest Nevada, about 40 miles east of Cedarville, CA.  Wild horses will be gathered and removed from the range to bring populations to within the appropriate management level range of 258 to 451 animals.

Wild horses running into a corral.Salt Grass Well Capture Site  
The Salt Grass Well Capture Site in the Bitner Herd Management Area where wild horses are guided into a corral.  This video has no audio.
Palomino standing in a holding facility.Salt Grass Well and Bernards Corral Capture Sites
Round up operations at the Salt Grass Well and Bernards Corral Capture Sites.  See wild horses in holding facilities waiting transfer to the Litchfield Corral.
Two photographers position their cameras for a photo opportunity.Public Viewing at the Bernards Corral Capture Site
Since operations began October 15, public observers have attended the round up to photograph and videotape operations.  Visitors are welcome 7 days a week.
Group of wild horses released back to their home range.Wild Horses Returned to the Range
The first phase of the High Rock Complex Wild Horse Roundup is complete and a small group of horses were reintroduced to their home range. These animals are the first to be sent back to help ensure a healthy population in the Bitner Herd Management Area and the Nut Mountain Herd Management Area.
A wrangler uses a squeeze chute to hold the animals steady as injections are administered.The Litchfield Corrals
Wild horses removed from the High Rock Complex are arriving daily at the BLM Litchfield corrals where they receive vaccinations for a variety of equine diseases and de-worming medication.

A horse leaving a horse trailer.An Older Mare and Stallion are released back to the Range
BLM released an older mare and an older stallion back to their home range near High Rock Canyon.

Six wild mustangsWoodruff Capture Site
A helicopter rounds up wild horses and guides them toward the Woodruff Capture Site.

A wild horse looks over his shoulder at the holding facility.Status of the High Rock Complex Wild Horse Roundup
Operations are winding down at the High Rock roundup. 
A buckskin colored wild horse stands out in a group of darker colored horses.Wild Horses from the Fox Hog Herd Management Area
Take a look at some of the horses from the Fox Hog Herd Management Area. Many of these horses will be available for adoption soon. 

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