Applegate Field Office


GPS unit sitting on a rock with sage brush in the background

Geocaching is treasure hunting for the Global Positioning System (GPS) enthusiast.  A GPS is used to navigate to cache locations where rewards or additional tasks are found.  The cache can be a small weather proof box or directions to take a self portrait with an unmistakable landmark. Geocaching on public lands is welcomed. Locations to caches within the Surprise Field area as well as all over the world can be found at

Visitors are encouraged to visit the local field office to get get maps of the area and current road conditions before starting a treasure hunt.  Visit the BLM office prior to establishing a cache to confirm that the site will not jeopardize public health and safety, will not cause environmental damage and will not conflict with other authorized land uses. 

For more details on geocaching please see BLM's Official Geocaching Policy:  Instruction Memorandum: No. 2005-092 "Geocaching Activities on BLM Public Lands."