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Rand Mountains Management Area
Education and Permit Program
In 2005, the West Mojave (WEMO) Plan amendment to the California Conservation Area Plan directed BLM to implement a visitor use education and permit program (EPP) for motorized vehicle use in the Rand Mountains Management Area (RMMA). The education and permit program will provide an overview and explanation about the RMMA designated route system and include information about vehicle use safety, sensitive restoration areas, habitat values, and recreational opportunities. A permit fee will be required to cover the administrative costs of managing the program. The goal of the RMMA EPP is to increase visitor compliance with the applicable rules and regulations of the Rand Mountains–Fremont Valley Management Plan. The RMMA EPP will be implemented in two phases.
Phase I
Phase I of the EPP will focus on outreach and education, and implement a no-cost permit for the area. Beginning November 1, 2008, all motorized vehicle users in the RMMA will be required to obtain a permit and certify that they understand the designated route network on the map/permit and agree to only operate motor vehicles on the posted legal designated open routes identified on this map.
Phase II
Beginning October 1, 2009, all motorized vehicle users in the RMMA will be required to complete a short user education program and purchase a special-use permit for motorized travel. The program will include information presented in the Phase I map/brochure. The cost of the permit will be determined by the management costs associated with the program and will include law enforcement, monitoring, maintenance, and administration of the RMMA EPP.

Non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the RMMA will lead to alternative management decisions and may result in additional area closures.


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Last updated: 11-03-2008