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North Sky River

General Decription of Project

North Sky River Energy, LLC (NSRE) filed an application with BLM to obtain a ROW grant to improve existing roads, construct limited new road segments, and install underground electrical transmission and fiber optic communication lines on public land in order to access private lands for construction and operation of a wind energy generation facility. Proposed construction activities are delineated in a Plan of Development submitted to the BLM. An access route across public land would provide the most direct and efficient access to the wind energy facility located on private lands.

BLM policy direction is provided by Executive Order 13212, dated May 18, 2001, which directs federal agencies to act expediently and in a manner consistent with applicable laws to increase the production and transmission of energy in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Further direction is provided by Department of Interior Secretarial Order 3285A1, dated March 11, 2009, as amended February 22, 2010, which states, "Encouraging the production, development, and delivery of renewable energy is one of the Department’s highest priorities."

Environmental Documents

Record of Decision
Finding of No Significant Impact
EA - Comment Table

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