Alta East Wind Project (CACA 52537)


The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates the items that have been completed or are currently underway.


Federal Coordination Process

- Operational

Under Construction -


- Right-of-Way Grant

Record of Decision -  
  Notifice of Availability of Final EIS

  Publication of Final EIS -

  - Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability of Draft EIS -  
  Publication of Draft EIS
Notice of Intent -  

Project Vitals 

Project Fact Sheet

Proposed Location: Three miles northwest of the Town of Mojave, 11 miles east of the City of Tehachapi

Electricity Production Capacity: 153 megawatts (combined public and private land)

Company: Alta Windpower Development, LLC

Acreage: 2,592 acres (1,999 acres of BLM land, 593 acres of private land)

Status: The project was approved on May 24, 2013

Public Comment: There are no longer any opportunities to comment on the project.

Electrictrical Transmission Connection: The project would tie into Southern California Edison's Windhub substation

Company's Expected Benefit:  The project would generate enough electricity to power 45,900 homes.

Public Comments

The Record of Decision for the project was published in the Federal Register on 5/24/2013.  At this time, there are no longer any opportunities to comment on the project. 

For more information, contact the Bureau of Land Management Project Manager, Jeff Childers (951) 697-5308.

Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Alta East ECCMP Website
Authorization Documents
Right-of-Way Grant, 5/30/13
Record of Decision, 05/24/13
 Appendix 1 - Location Map
 Appendix 2 - Biological Opinion
 Appendix 3 - Adopted Mitigation Measures
 Appendix 4 - Environmental Construction and Compliance Monitoring Program
 Appendix 5 - Protest Resolution Report
 Appendix 6 - Clarifications of the PA/FEIS
 Appendix 7 - Supplemental Response to Comments
Final Environmental Impact Statement

Volume 1, Chapters 1-3  
Introduction; Project & Alternatives; Affected Environment - 3.1Mb

Volume 2A, Chapters 4-6
Environmental Consequences; Consultation, Coordination, and Public Involvement; Acronyms & Abbreviations - 4.2Mb

Volume 2B, Chapter 7-10 & Appendix A Responses to Comments; Glossary; Bibliography; Index; Figures - 40.3Mb

Volume 3, Appendices B-D
Laws, Regulations, Executive Orders; Public Scoping; Biological Resources - 27.8Mb

Volume 4, Appendix D (continued)
Biological Resources - 38.4Mb

Volume 5, Appendices E-R
Visual Resources; Shadow Flicker; Noise: Air Quality; Traffic; Water Resources; Notice of Preparation; USGS Mineral Resources; EDR Report; Economic and Fiscal Impacts; Geological Resources; Utility Corridor Analysis; Paleontological; Cultural; Comparison of Impacts - 41.2Mb
Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Public Comments Received

Historic Preservation - Section 106
A Citizen's Guide to Section 106
Reasonable and Good Faith Efforts
Related Links
Public Scoping Report
Notice of Intent
Plan of Development 
BLM CDD Renewable Energy
Understanding the NEPA Process


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