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French Broom   Genista monspessulana   Legume family (Fabaceae)
French Broom photo courtesy of NPS
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Description: An upright, evergreen shrub, commonly as tall as 10 feet (3 m) tall. The round stems are covered with silvery, silky hairs and the small leaves are 0.3 to .5 inches (10 to 15 mm) long and usually arranged in groups of three. The small, less than ˝ inch, yellow flowers are pea-like and clustered in groups of four to ten. The mostly 1 inch (12 mm) long pods are covered with hairs and are dark brown or black at maturity.

Habitat: Common on mountain slopes and disturbed places such as river banks, road cuts and forest clear-cuts, but can colonize grassland and open canopy forests. Can grow well on alkaline soils with a high pH, as well as on soils that are low in fertility.

Distribution: Found within the Redding Field Office on foothill areas associated the northern Sierra Nevada and the North Coast and Cascade ranges.

Flowering Period: Late March through May


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