Redding Field Office

Chappie-Shasta OHV Area Permits and Regulations

Shasta Dam Hours of Operation

Shasta Dam hours of operation are 6AM to 10PM.  To cross the dam you must present a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, and your vehicle and trailers may be subject to inspection.

Motorcycle and ATV Regulations

 * All OHVs must be currently registered and display registration stickers in appropriate location per DMV instructions.
* The Chappie-Shasta OHV Area is closed to Red Sticker vehicles from July 1 - September 30 every year.
* All OHVs must be equipped with properly installed and approved U.S. Forest Service spark arrestors.
* A working headlight and taillight are required for night riding.
* Riding OHVs within closed areas is not allowed.
* All OHVs must remain on existing roads and trails, riding cross-country and creating hill climbs and new trails is not allowed.
* Riding your ATV or motorcycle in such a manner that causes or may cause environmental damage is not allowed.
* Riding OHVs on county roads such as the paved portions of East Fork Road is not allowed unless the road is signed otherwise.
* It is illegal to be in possession of an open container of alcohol while riding in or on and OHV.
* It is illegal to operate an OHV while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
* It is illegal to operate an OHV while carrying a loaded firearm.

Sound Compliance

All ATVs and motorcycles must meet current California State sound requirements:

If your off-highway vehicle was manufactured
Noise Limit
Before January 1, 1986
101 dbA
On or after January 1, 1986
96 dbA

If your competition* off-highway vehicle was manufactured
Noise limit
Before January 1, 1998
101 dbA
On or after January 1, 1998
96 dbA

*Competition off-highway vehicles are those that are not manufactured to comply with EPA noise or California emission standards. For information on the designation of your OHV refer to your owner's manual or contact your local dealership.

If you would like to have your ATV or motorcycle tested for sound compliance, Please call the Redding BLM office at (530) 224-2100 and set up an appointment with the OHV Coordinator.

Attention ATV Riders

*ATV riders must wear a DOT Approved helmet at all times
*Riding double is not allowed on ATVs, with the exception of ATVs which are specifically made to carry one driver and one passenger. No after-market passenger seat kits are allowed.
*ATV riders under 18, without ATV Safety Certificate, must be supervised by an adult with the certificate
*ATV riders under 18, without adult supervision, must possess Safety Certificate.
*ATV riders under 14 must have direct supervision of adult with Safety Certificate.