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Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office

Film Permitting Process

Contact the local BLM office (or Local Film Commission) before submitting an application.  The permitting process and items needed may vary depending on the location chosen and the type of filming proposed.

For minimal impact filming in "popular filming locations", complete the following and submit on-line or by fax to the appropriate office.  Follow-up by mailing a signed hard-copy of the forms.  Please note:  your permit will not be issued until signed originals of the application, filming activity forms, and fees have been received by the appropriate BLM office.

1. Land use Application form 2920. This form is fillable on line using Adobe Acrobat Writer. Complete the application section. The BLM will complete the "Permit" portion of the form.  Print the completed form and fax it to the appropriate office

2. Provide a map showing the specific location requested (Consult BLM contact for Fax number)

3. Detailed description of filming activity. This form is fillable on line using Adobe Acrobat Writer. Complete the application section. Please fill out and submit with Land use Application form 2920.

4. Cost recovery and rental fees (as discussed with the local BLM film permit coordinator)

5. Certificate of Insurance. ($1,000,000, naming U.S.D.I. - BLM as coinsured)

Depending on the location, time of production, and type of production, BLM may impose additional requirements, such as bonding, reimbursement for overtime costs, etc.

PAYMENT OF FEES:  Fees may be paid by credit card or checks payable to U.S.D.I. - BLM.  The public contact specialist in each BLM office will assist in accepting credit card payments.

BONDING:  Permittees may be required to provide cash bonds to assure reclamation of sets or sensitive locations.

LARGE PRODUCTIONS AND REQUESTS TO FILM OUTSIDE POPULAR LOCATIONS usually will require an on-site preapplication conference with BLM personnel.  Although the permitting process may not vary, the time to process will usually be at least 30 - 60 days.  Contact the appropriate BLM office for details.

For locations within the Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office jurisdiction, or if you have questions or comments, please use this link to contact us by Email, or phone us at 760-833-7100.

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