Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office

Field Office Goals (for all geographic regions)

The overall Field Office Goals are deliberately set so they do not include all BLM activities in the Palm Springs South Coast Field Office and so that they might be useful in 1) emphasizing the most important public services provided on public lands in the Field Office area and 2) setting priorities among competing workloads. 

The Goals are:

Goal 1:  Improve effectiveness and efficiency in developing and applying conservation measures, while fostering public understanding of natural communities, species and habitats.


  • Develop and apply management actions and mitigation measures to support the conservation.
  • Assist the public in completing Endangered Species Act processes in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Maintain an active environmental education program, providing services to schools, colleges, and businesses.
  • Provide for field compliance and enforcement to avoid adverse effects to listed species.

Goal 2: Provide effective customer service for realty actions while maintaining environmental standards.


  • Keep actions moving on legally filed applications.
  • Streamline and automate processes to improve efficiency and public access to public processes.
  • Provide applicants with a clear understanding of processing time frames and processes (no surprises).

Goal 3: Provide consistent, high quality recreation, wilderness opportunities, and visitor services in support of a variety of recreation opportunities.


  • Maintain recreational trails, Long Term Visitor Areas, campgrounds and visitor center facilities.
  • Establish and maintain a high quality recreation website.
  • Provide for visitor contacts, visitor safety and homeland security.
  • Where environmental conflicts are identified, seek to identify alternative sites or opportunities to redirect use.
  • Maintain wilderness values in designated areas.

Goal 4: Establish and maintain professional partnerships to improve the quality of management, recreational opportunities, resource conditions, visitor protection and visitor services.


  • Work together with adjacent and intermingled land ownerships and jurisdictions.
  • Reduce unnecessary duplication and inconsistency with the processes among similar service providers.
  • Utilize skills and resources of partner agencies, organizations and individuals.
  • Use Memoranda of Understanding and Cooperative Agreements.
  • When practical, share personnel with other agencies.