The barren hills in the Mecca Hills Wilderness Area create an interesting pattern across this desert landscape.
Desert cactus in bloom Dos Palmas Windmills at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains Firefighter working a prescribed burn Bighorn Sheep
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California Desert Conservation Area Plan Amendment
for the Coachella Valley

California Desert Conservation Area Plan Amendment
for the Coachella Valley

Executive Summary
Introduction and Alternatives
Environmental Consequences - Table ES3
Environmental Consequences - Table ES4

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Alternatives
Chapter 2 - Trails Alternative A
Chapter 2 - Trails Alternative B
Chapter 2 - Trails Altervative C
Chapter 2 - Trails Alternative D

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment

Chapter 4 - Santa Rosa, San Jacinto Trails Impact
Chapter 4 - CDCA Environmental Consequences

Chapter 5 - The Collaborative Planning Process


Appendix A: Notice of Availability; EIS Distribution List
Appendix B: Wild and Scenic Rivers
Appendix C: Air Quality
Appendix D: Motorized Vehicle Access
Appendix E: Recreational Trail Use

Table 2-4 - Habitat Conservation Objectives

List of Figures

Figure 1-1     -  CDCA Planning Area
Figure 1-2     -  Coachella Valley Planning Area
Figure 2-1     -  Wild and Scenic Rivers
Figure 2-2     -  Visual Resources Management
Figure 2-3a   -  Multiple Use Classification Preferred Alternative
Figure 2-3b   -  Multiple Use Classification - No Action Alternative
Figure 2-4     -  General Habitat Types
Figure 2-5     -  Fire Management Category
Figure 2-6a   -  Special Area Designations - Preferred Alternative A
Figure 2-6b   -  Special Area Designations - Alternative B
Figure 2-6c   -  Special Area Designations - Alternative C
Figure 2-7     -  Windparks and Sand & Gravel Mining
Figure 2-8     -  Livestock Grazing
Figure 2-9     -  Wild Horse and Burros Herd Management Areas
                      Preferred Alternative

Figure 2-10a -  Motorized Vehicle Area Designations - Alternative A
Figure 2-10b -  Motorized Vehicle Area Designations and
                      Special Recreation Management Area - Preferred Alternative B

Figure 2-11a -  Motorized Vehicle Route Designations - Preferred Alternative B
Figure 2-11b -  Motorized Vehicle Route Designations - Preferred Alternative D
Figure 2-11c -  Motorized Vehicle Route Designations - Alternative C
Figure 2-11d -  Motorized Vehicle Route Designations - Alternative D
Figure 2-12   -  Trails Management Plan
Figure 3-1     -  Existing Special Area Designation