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Needles Field Office

Wilderness Areas


Blue desert Sky over the Cadiz Dunes Wilderness
Cadiz Dunes Wilderness

Wilderness areas are places of solitude where people can experience freedom from our fast-paced industrialized society. They are places where people can renew the human spirit through association with the natural world.  For all its uses, values, and scenic wonders, wilderness is a land heritage that is uniquely American. Wilderness is a natural preserve with outstanding opportunities for solitude and unconfined primitive experience.  A place to enjoy where ecological, geological and other features of scientific, scenic, educational and historical value are protected and their character retained.

The California Desert Protection Act of 1994 is one of the largest pieces of wilderness legislation ever passed by Congress.  The act preserves the unrivaled values which portray the Old West and remain essentially unaltered by human activity.  The Needles Field Office manages eighteen wilderness areas totaling more than 1.3 million acres.  Each area with its own specific wonders offers and unparalleled opportunity to explore the Mojave Desert while camping, hunting, hiking or on horseback.  Step back in time and experience the Mojave Desert unchanged my man.

Wilderness Area Name

Size in Acres 
(Federal only)

Public Law 

Designation Date

 Bigelow Cholla Garden 15,534 103-433 10/31/1994
 Bristol Mountains 77,052 103-433 10/31/1994
 Cadiz Dunes 21,275 103-433 10/31/1994
 Chemehuevi Mountains 85,775 103-433 10/31/1994
 Clipper Mountain 35,687 103-433 10/31/1994
 Dead Mountains 54,411 103-433 10/31/1991
 Kelso Dunes 154,301 103-433 10/31/1994
 Kingston Range 221,035 103-433 10/31/1994
 Mesquite 48,225 103-433 10/31/1994
 North Mesquite Mountains29,895 103-433 10/31/1994
 Old Woman Mountains 183,701 103-433 10/31/1994
 Piute Mountains 50,326 103-433 10/31/1994
 Sheephole Valley 195,346 103-433 10/31/1994
 Stateline 6,954 103-433 10/31/1994
 Stepladder Mountains 83,633 103-433 10/31/1994
 Trilobite 39,946 103-433 10/31/1994
 Turtle Mountains182,492 103-433 10/31/1994
 Whipple Mountains 79,829 103-433 10/31/1994

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