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Stateline Solar Farm Project (CACA 48669)

The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates the items that have been completed or are currently underway.


            Federal Coordination Process

- Right-of-Way Grant

Record of Decision -  
  Notification of Final EIS

  Publication of Final EIS -

  - Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability of Draft EIS -  
  - Notice of Intent 

 Project Vitals

Location: 2 miles south of the California-Nevada border and 0.5 mile west of Interstate 15 in eastern San Bernardino County, California

Technology: Photovoltaic

Electricity Production Capacity: 300 megawatts

Company: Desert Stateline, LLC (a subsidiary of First Solar Development, Inc.)

Acreage: 1,685 acres

Status: The project was approved on February 14, 2014.

Public Comment: There are no more opportunities for public comment on this project.

Electrical Transmission Connection: The solar facility will connect to the grid via a 2.3 mile 220-kilovolt transmission line

Company's Expected Benefit:

  • The project would generate enough electricity to power 90,000 homes

Project Status

The Record of Decision and CDCA Plan Amendment were published in the Federal Register on February 21, 2014. The Right-of-Way Grant was signed by the Authorized Officer on March 21, 2014, and the project is currently under construction. There are no longer any opportunities to comments on this project.

For more information, please contact the Bureau of Land Management Project Manager, Noel Ludwig, at (951) 697-5368 (

Construction Compliance Website
Right of Way Grant
Right of Way Grant - Signed, 3/21/14
Record of Decision
Stateline Solar Record of Decision - Includes all Appendices, 02/14/14
Final Environmental Impact Statement
Chapters 1 - 9
8.1 Mb
Appendix A - Figures
60.1 Mb
Appendix B - Scoping Report
3.4 Mb
Appendix C - VR Analysis
0.2 Mb
Appendix D - ACEC Analysis
0.1 Mb
Appendix G - Response to Comments
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Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Chapters 1 - 9
Appendices A - D
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