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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Needles Field Office manages a wide variety of resources spread over 3.5 million acres of public lands.  These public land resources include energy and minerals, recreation, burro herds, wildlife habitat, wilderness areas, and archaeological and paleontological sites.  The BLM has been given specific resource protection and law enforcement responsibilities that relate to its resource management mission.  There are many federal laws and regulations that relate to public lands and resources.  These laws and regulations are often quite unique in that they apply only to federal lands and have no counterparts in state law.

Law Enforcement Rangers (uniformed officers) and Special Agents (criminal investigators) enforce a wide range of laws and regulations in the prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes affecting public lands resources.  These crimes include, but not limited to, mineral resource theft; wilderness area violations; hazardous materials dumping; archaeological and paleontological resource theft and vandalism; cultivation, manufacture, smuggling, and use of illegal drugs; timber, forest product, and native plant theft; off-highway vehicle use; alcohol related crimes; and wildland arson.

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Needles Field Office General Rules and Regulations                                                                   

Title 43 Code of Federal Regulations: Section 8365.1-6
  • Open container of an alcoholic beverage while operating or riding in a motor vehicle or off-road vehicle on public  lands (Fed. Reg. Vol. 56 No. 17 - Jan. 25th, 1991 pg. 2935)    
  • Under 21 years of age in possession of alcohol (Fed. Reg. Vol. 58 No. 62 - April 2nd, 1993)       
  • Designation of open and closed areas in CDCA.  Closed areas, Mesquite Dry Lake, Ivenpah Dry Lake (non-motorized only), Soda Dry Lake, Cadiz Dunes, Turtle Mountain, Clark Mountain, Whipple Mountain (Fed. Reg. Vol. 48 No. 83 - April 28th, 1983)
  • Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark:  Vehicles beyond restrictive areas prohibited.  Firearms, fireworks are prohibited.  Hunting, possession, or harassment  of any flora/fauna is prohibited.  Hiking on the North Slope trail is prohibited. (Fed. Reg. Vol. 63 No. 151 - August 6th, 1998)
  • Shooting solid projectiles in shotgun area only.  San Bernardino County Ordinance 22.011 (Fed. Reg. Vol. 51 No. 20 - Jan. 30th, 1986) 
  • (CDD) No camping or occupancy for more than 30 minutes within 200 yards of any waterholes, springs, seeps, and man made watering devices for wildlife such as guzzlers and impoundments (Fed. Reg. Vol. 51 No. 20 - Jan. 30th, 1986)
  • Erecting or maintaining any toilet, shower, or other sanitary facilities prohibited (Fed. Reg. Vol. 51 No. 20 - Jan. 30th, 1986)        
  • No person shall maintain, construct, place, occupy, or use any structure, tent, shed, cabin, hunt trailer, motor home, or dwelling of any kind in violation of any County or State Health, Building, Sanitation and fire Codes.  This rule applies to any structure on public lands existing on or after 10/15/1991 (Fed. Reg. Vol. 56 No. 178 - Sept. 13th, 1991)        
  • Closure of divisional training camps to remove and collection of any historical artifact and to discharge of firearms except for taking of game within ½ mile radius of the camp.  Camp Rice, Young, Coxcomb, Granite, Iron Mt., Clipper, and Ibis (Fed. Reg. Vol. 58 No. 229 - Dec. 1st, 1993)        
  • Camping limits in CDD to 14 days within any 28 day period.  After 14 days individual  must move outside of a 25 mile radius of previous location (Fed. Reg. Vol. 49 No. 147 - July 30th, 1984)        
  • Public nudity is prohibited at all: (1) Developed camping and picnicking areas containing items such as a table or toilet facility, (2) visitor centers, and (3) all ORV open areas. (Fed. Reg. Vol. 76 No. 110 – June 8th, 2011)
  • It is prohibited for a person to ride in or transport another person in or on a portion of an ORV or trailer that is not designed or intended for the transport of passengers. (Fed. Reg. Vol. 76 No. 110 – June 8th, 2011)        
  • It is prohibited to use as firewood, or have in their possession, any firewood materials containing nails, screws, or other metal hardware, including, but not limited to, wood pallets and/or construction debris. (Fed. Reg. Vol. 76 No. 110 – June 8th, 2011

BLM Rangers

The Needles Field Office has a staff of Law Enforcement Rangers who provide a regular and recurring presence over the resource area.  They are responsible for conducting high visibility patrols; conducting public contacts; enforcing federal laws and regulations; assisting local county or city police departments, other federal and state land management agencies, and BLM Special Agents investigating illegal activity on public lands; and generally providing for the safety of BLM employees and public land users.  Some of the issues that Rangers focus on within the Needles Resource Area include the following:

Petroglyphs on rock wall.  BLM Photo

-protecting the cultural and historically-significant sites, such as petroglyphs and pictographs, from vandalism

-preventing theft and damage of plants, animals, minerals, and other valuable publicly-owned resources

Horntoad lizard on a rock.  BLM Photo

Volunteers cleaning up illegal dump in the Mojave Desert.  BLM Photo

-guarding against the dumping of hazardous waste and other pollutants

-locating and eradicating drug manufacturing laboratories.

Hazmat workers in protective equipment.  BLM Photo

EMT Symbol.  BLM Photo

-providing emergency medical aid and search and rescue assistance to visitors of public lands

-preserve wilderness values by protecting wilderness resources, providing visitors with information, and issuing citations to those using motorized vehicles or mechanized equipment in Wilderness Areas

A desert wash in Wilderness.  BLM Photo

Dirt bike and fully equippted rider on a desert  trail.  BLM Photo

-monitor Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) areas and enforce OHV laws and safety regulations

The BLM Ranger has become the "eyes and ears" of the agency. They are the most visible BLM employee and are very familiar with the areas they patrol. If you would like additional information about the Ranger Program in the Needles Field Office, contact us at (760) 326-7000.

To report violations you may also contact the Federal Interagency Communications Center at (909) 383-5652.

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