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Outreach Programs

Outdoor Tortoise Education Class. Chlildren sit under a tree and listen to a ranger speak.  BLM Photo

K-3rd Grade: Birds of The Southwest 
Students will learn to identify bird common to the desert southwest by sound and sight. The use of birding equipment: binoculars and birding guides. Participate in a play ground birding expedition.

4th -5th Grade: The Amazing Desert Tortoise
Students will learn about the Desert tortoise (California’s State Reptile). Similarities between the tortoise and other reptiles, it’s evolutional history, anatomic structure, habitat and how we can help insure the survival of this threatened species.


5th-6th Grade: "Here's your Sign" Animal Tracks
Students will learn how to identify animal tracks and sign of species living in the Mojave Desert. Habitat and habits, and will also have a chance to make a track of their own. Through this hands on activity student will gain respect for, and understanding of desert wildlife.


7th-8th Grade: Maps Rock!
Students will learn about desert safety and why maps are an important tool. They will learn about different missions and policies of land management agencies. In addition, students will learn basic use of topographic maps and compass. 

A small boy looking through binoculars with a bird on his head.  BLM Photo
Desert Tortoise climbing out of a desert wash.  BLM Photo
Animal paw print.  BLM Photo
A brass compass.  BLM Photo


Take It Outside Field Trips for Scouts and Groups

Transportation and any meals are the responsibility of the group requesting the program.
The Needles BLM Office offers outdoor education programs with school partners in the Tri State Area, youth organizations including the Girl Scouts of the USA, Boy Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Clubs, and families. The “Take it Outside: Connect with Your Public Lands” programs are designed to instill appreciation of the outdoors, and awareness of outdoor recreation opportunities. This understanding will lead to a higher participation in outdoor recreation opportunities while instilling land stewardship ethics in participants.  For more information about any of these programs, please contact our office:

Amboy Crater Hike: 
1.5 mile hike to the rim the 250 ft high 1,500 diameter crater formed of ash and cinders offering dramatic views of the surrounding desert. Learn the geology of the area and experience a National Natural Landmark firsthand.




Desert Bird Watching: 
Take an outdoor adventure to one of three riparian areas. Spend the day learning the tools of the birder and the birds of the Desert South West. Field guides and binoculars provided.

Amboy crater in the distance with yellow wildflowers.  BLM Photo
A group of bird watchers in a riparian area.  BLM Photo

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