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Mohawk Spring


View of a fog covered Mexican Hat from Mohawk spring. BLM Photo

USGS Topo: Turtle Mountains

Elevation: 2750 ft

Round Trip: 2 miles

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Description: Located on the northern end of the Turtle Mountains, Mohawk Spring has provided water for Indians, and miners through the years. It is actually more of a seep than a spring. It originates from a short tunnel cut into the face of a cliff. Near the spring is a very unusual petroglyph that does not resemble other known petroglyphs. Instead, it looks more like a plan, abstraction, or a blueprint than anything else. As with most petroglyphs, no one knows what it means. Outstanding specimens of chalcedony roses have been found here.

Access: Go south on US 95 from Needles for 22 miles to Turtle Mountain Road. Turn west on the dirt road. Turtle Mountain Road was once a two-lane, county-maintained road; however, it is no longer being maintained. Watch out for sandy shoulders and stay on the main part of the road. Travel 10 miles west where the road splits and take the south fork for 3 miles to ruins of two houses (Lost Arch Inn) and park. This road is windy and rough, but passable. From the cabin area, take the slightly uphill trail and continue to follow the jeep trail for one mile to Mohawk Spring.

PDF Map to Mohawk Spring
Map to trail head

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