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Hole in the Wall Fire center fire fighters and brush trucks. BLM Photo

Located in the Mojave National Preserve, Hole in the Wall Fire Center is an interagency station staffed by firefighters from both the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service. While the fire crew's primary goal is fire supression within the Needles Resource Area (3.5M Acres) and Mojave National Preserve (1.6 M Acres), Hole in the Wall also assists San Bernardino County in providing emergency medical services to the many tourists travelling trough the Mojave Desert on I 40 and I 15. In addition these responsibilities to its home unit, at various times over the last 18 years, crews from Hole in the Wall have been called on to assist on large fires all over the western U.S., including Montana during the landmark fire season of 2000.

Wild Horse Canyon fire shortly after being sparked by lighting.  BLM Photo

Wild Horse Canyon fir after blow up caused by down drafts.  BLM Photo

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