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Tumey Hills

View of Tumey Hills and Tumey Gulch, photo BLM

View of the Tumey Gulch and Tumey Hills (BLM Photo) 

 The Panoche and Tumey Hills are under Fire Season Vehicle Restrictions from Mid-April to Mid-October. No motorized access is allowed during this period.

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wildfire, photo by BLM

General Description: Like the Panoche Hills, the Tumey Hills were once part of a vast inland sea. If you look closely at the ground you will find evidence of the sea which once covered the Tumey Hills. The porous, light rocks at the east Tumey access are composed of diatoms, the tiny, bleached, shell-like skeletons of sea algae.

These annual grasslands are lovely in springtime, with beautiful wildflower displays.  The federally protected San Joaquin kit fox, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, and giant kangaroo rat all make their homes in these hills, although they are rarely seen.

Visitor service improvements are now complete at the new day use facility, which features a parking area, a shade structure, picnic benches, a vault toilet, and a kiosk providing an interpretive panel, a map, and information about the area.

 Tumey Hills User Map & Brochure:

Desert Hills of the San Joaquin Valley (17" x 17")

Restrictions: Closed to motorized use during fire season from mid-April to mid-October. No shooting zone within 150 yards of any developed area. There is no night hunting. Vehicles are restricted to designated routes. OHV’s are prohibited.

Birding: Birds of many species may be found including raptors, shrikes, and several species of songbird.



Picnic Shelter


Parking Area



Directions: From Interstate-5, take the Panoche Road exit.  The first Tumey Hills access point is located roughly 3 miles from the Interstate.  Be aware that Panoche Road is not paved after the first mile.  The second Tumey Hills access point is about 5 miles beyond the first access point.  The Tumey Hills are closed to vehicle access with the onset of fire season. 

If you are coming from Hollister or King City (west), take State Highway 25 to the town of Paicines and head east on Tres Pinos Road; this becomes Panoche Road.  A 14-mile stretch of this route is unpaved.  Note that Jackass Pass in Fresno County is extremely hazardous in wet weather.

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