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National Recreation Trail logoCoalinga Mineral Springs National Recreation Trail

View of the Coalinga Mineral Springs area looking down into the Central Valley.  Photo by R. O'Dell, BLM

View from the National Recreation Trail into the Central Valley

General Description:  The Coalinga Mineral Springs National Recreation Trail was designated under the National Recreation Trails System Act in 1981.  The trail is located on the scenic southern tip of the Diablo Mountains.  Panoramic views of the southern Diablo Mountains can be enjoyed from Kreyenhagen Peak.

The area is a mixed chaparral-foothill vegetation community where visitors can encounter grey pine, chamise, Manzanita, yucca, and many other shrubs and annual wildflowers.

Trailhead parking is located at Coalinga Mineral Springs County Park.  There is no longer any running water or facilities at the County Park, and there are no facilities along the trail except for directional signs.  There is an information board and map box located at the trailhead.






Nature Study






Recreation Opportunities: Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, hunting, watchable wildlife.

View of a trail secgment along the Coalinga Mineral Springs National Recreation Trail, photo by D. Moore BLM

Trails: The trailhead is located across the creek from the Coalinga Mineral Springs County Park.  Once on the trail, the visitor has over 2.5 miles of continuous trail to hike on which leads to the top of Kreyenhagen Peak.  The trail width is between 18 and 24 inches, and 48 inches in hazardous areas to provide safety to the hiker and horseman.

There are excellent hunting opportunities for deer, quail, and wild pig which inhabit the varied terrain.  The area past the turn-off to Kreyenhagen Peak is a popular pig hunting area.

Watchable Wildlife: There is a wide range of wildlife present throughout the Coalinga Mineral Springs area.  Along the trail you may encounter California mule deer, quail, squirrels, morning dove, feral pig, grey fox, bobcat, and many others. 

View of Kreyenhagen Peak.  Photo by R. O'Dell, BLM

View of Kreyenhagen Peak

Directions: From Interstate 5 take the US Highway 198 exit and follow Highway 198 through the town of Coalinga. Continue for approximately 18 miles and make a right onto Coalinga Mineral Springs road.  Public lands are located across the creek at the far end of Coalinga Mineral Springs County Park.

If you are traveling from the west side, The US Highway 198 exit is approximately 8 miles southeast of King City.  Continue on Highway 198 for approximately 34 miles and make a left onto the Coalinga Mineral Springs road turnoff. The site is 75 miles southeast of Hollister.

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