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San Benito evening-primrose (Camissonia benitensis) protection

The San Benito evening-primrose (Camissonia benitensis) is a federally listed endangered plant species which occurs on public lands in the Clear Creek Management Area (CCMA).  The Endangered Species Act requires that all Federal agencies ensure that management actions do not jeopardize the continued existence of any endangered or threatened species.  Historically the only known locations of the San Benito evening-primrose are limited to serpentine-derived alluvial deposits within the vicinity of the CCMA.  Fence construction and habitat restoration projects to protect sensitive habitat as outlined in the Interim Protection Strategy for Camissonia benitensis are nearly complete.

San Benito evening-primrose 5 Year Review: Summary and Evaluation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Ventura, California, August 2009

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A single small yellow flower, the San Benito evening primrose, blooms among the rocks. (Photo by USFWS)

A single small yellow flower, the San Benito evening primrose, blooms among the rocks.

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