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Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard - a Federally-listed Endangered Species, photo by M. Westphal BLM

Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard, a Federally-listed Endangered Species (Photo: M. Westphal, BLM)

If you wish to use public lands for a commercial enterprise, conduct research with vertebrate fossils, sensitive species, or archeological sites, or if you're planning a big recreation event you will need a permit.  This page provides basic information about the process for the different types of permits and a contact name should you need forms or more information. 

Recreation Permits

Recreation Permits are required for competitive events, events with timed or marked courses, or for events in which organizers charge a fee.  Types of events normally occurring in the Central Coast Field Office area which require permits are mountain bike races, running races, or organized events.  Other examples of events where permits are required include dog and horse trials and historical re-enactments.  If you are interested in holding a recreational event on public lands and would like more information, please call our Central Coast Field Office Outdoor Recreation Planner at (831) 582-2200.

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Film/Video/Photography Permits

The BLM Public Lands in California offer many unique locations for filming opportunities.  Contact the local BLM Field Office or Local Film Commission before submitting an application.  The permitting process and items needed may vary depending on the location and the type of filming proposed.  Most professional and amateur photographers are allowed to take still photographs on public lands without a permit or the payment of any fees.  For more information please visit the BLM California Filming Permits information web page or call our Realty Specialist at (831) 582-2200.

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Land Use Authorizations

Land-Use Authorizations such as Rights-Of-Way for powerlines or communications sites are very important.  Visit the Central Coast Field Office Lands and Realty web page or call our Realty Specialist should you have questions or need forms for land-use permits at (831) 582-2200.

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Cultural Use / Paleontological Use Permits

Permits are required for any research or excavation project involving vertebrate fossils and for any prehistoric or historic or archeological site.  In general you must be affiliated with an academic institution or meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards in order to obtain a permit.  Permits are approved by the BLM California State Office and are subject to stipulations depending on the type and scope of project proposal.  Please email the Central Coast Field Office Archeologist for more information or refer to the Central Coast Field Office Cultural Resources web page and Central Coast Field Office Paleontological Resources web page.

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Biological Permits

Please call our Central Coast Field Office Wildlife Biologist to discuss your project proposal at (831) 582-2200.

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Campfire Permits

If you create a campfire of any kind on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Forest Service you will need a campfire permit.  Campfire permits are free of charge and may be obtained from any BLM office in California.

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