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Hollister Outdoor Laboratory Archives (HOLA)

The Bureau of Land Management Hollister Field Office Outdoor Laboratory Archives (HOLA) provides information about scientific research completed on public lands managed by the Hollister Field Office or research completed by Hollister Field Office staff.

Scientific Illustration of a prehistoric conifer branch, image BLM & CSUMB Science Illustration


Scientific Illustration of a prehistoric Monero Conifer branch by Krista Anandakuttan of California State University, Monterey Bay for BLM



Responses of Greater Roadrunners During Attacks on Sympatric Venomous and Nonvenomous Snakes (Sherbrooke and Westphal 2006)




Outcrop Characterisation of Turbidite Reservoir Analogus Deformed by Fluidisation - Implications for Reservoir Models (Stanzione et al. 2008) ; PDF

"Outcrop Studies" web page from the University of Aberdeen - Injected Sands Group (featuring the Panoche Hills and Tumey Hills)



Resolution of Geologic Mapping Discrepancies, Tumey Hills, Western Fresno County, California (Dundas n.d.)



Mineralogy of the Victor Claim, Clear Creek Area, New Idria District, San Benito County, California (Cooper et al. n.d.)



Geology of the Jolon and Williams Hill Quadrangles Monterey County, California (USGS BUlletin 1181-Q 1965)




Geology of a part of Tumey and Panoche Hills, Fresno County, California (USGS Oil and Investigation Map #138, 1953)





Molecular phylogeny of the subfamily Amphistichinae (Teleostei Embiotocidae" reveals parallel divergent evolution of red pigmentatopn in two rapidly evolving lineages of sand-dwelling surfperch" (Westphal et al. 2011) [Abstract]

 U.S National Library of Medicine (NIH) [Abstract]





Quantitative Genetics of Pigmentation Development in 2 Populations of the Common Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis (Westphal and Morgan 2010)





New Records of Middle and Late Miocene Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla from the Western Border of the San Joaquin Valley, Diablo Range, Fresno County, California (Kelly and Stewart 2008) 

 A New Immigrant Mustelid from (Carnivora, Mammalia) from the Middle Miocene Temblor Formation of Central California (Tseng et al. 2009)




Moreno conifer Margeriella cretacea from fossils of the Panoche Hills region, California (Anandakuttan and BLM 2009)



Neophyte Seeking Cretaceous Diatoms (Suslavage 2009)




Ancient Blue Oak Project (Year 1.5 Briefing) University of Arkansas Tree-Ring Laboratory (Griffen et al. 2005)




Field Tests of the MOD-MOA System in the Panoche Valley, California: Successfully Analyze Amino Acids from Jarosite (2004)




Coccidioides Niches and Habitat Parameters in the Southwestern United States (Fisher et al. 2007)

Climate Change Poster (Bultman et al. 2007)

"Valley Fever - Determination of Geological/Ecological Occurrence Models for Coccidioides Immitis" USGS web page



Heritable Variation in Garter Snake Color Patterns in Postglacial Populations (Westphal et al. 2011)



El Nino - Southern Oscillation variability from the Late Cretaceous Marca Shale of California (Davies et al. 2012)



The Breeding Avifauna of San Benito Mountain, California: Evidence for Change Over One-Half Century (Johnson and Cicero 1985)




Cretaceous CA: Botanical and zoological species of the Panoche Hills Region - Featuring extinct Moreno conifer, magnoliid and palms; hadrosaurs, turtle and mosasaur (Anandakuttan and BLM 2009)




Panoche/Silver Creek Watershed Assessment Final Report (1998)




Soil Survey of Fresno County, California, Western Part (NRCS 2006) PDF 5.7 MB



Species Specific Plant-Soil Interactions Influence Plant Distribution on Serpentine Soils (Lazarus, Richards, Claassen, O'Dell, and Ferrell, 2011)




Archeological Investigations at CA-Fre-1333, in the White Creek Drainage, Western Fresno County, California (Breschini and Haversat 1986)



Rock Art in the Coalinga Backcountry (Foster, Daniel G. and Richard C. Jenkins, n.d.)



Sacred Rocks: Not for Public Consumption (Crespin n.d.)




Multilocus sequencedata reveal dozens of putative cryptic species in a radiation of endemic California mygalomorph spiders (Leavitt et al. 2015)


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