Oak Trees at Fort Ord National Monument.
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Hollister Field Office

Fort Ord National Monument - Public Safety and UXO

Public Safety Phone Numbers:
To report any Emergency Dial: 911
To report Non-Emergency Law Enforcement issues or for assistance Dial: (831) 242-7851

Please obey all posted restrictions.  It is your responsibility to know the rules for your own safety and for health of special habitats, plants, and animals.

ALL ANIMALS MUST BE ON A LEASH AND UNDER THE OWNER/HANDLER'S PHYSICAL CONTROL WITHIN DEVELOPED RECREATION SITES AT ALL TIMES.  Dogs and stock must be on a leash/lead rope that is no more than six feet long and is held or otherwise attached to the owner/handler while in parking lots, at trailheads, or along driveways.

OBSERVE BARRICADES AND SIGNS MARKING UNSAFE, SENSITIVE OR RESTRICTED AREAS.  Motor vehicles found in closed areas may be towed or impounded at owner's expense.

NON-STREET LEGAL MOTOR VEHICLES INCLUDING MOTORCYCLES ARE NEVER ALLOWED on Fort Ord Public Lands.  This restriction is required to reduce erosion and protect sensitive habitats and species.

USE IS NON-MOTORIZED ON AUTHORIZED TRAILS ONLY.  Authorized trails are marked with brown or green fiberglass trail markers.  Staying on these trails will keep you off fragile plant and animal habitats, out of poison oak, and out of dangerous unexploded ordnance areas.

USE OF A CLOSED TRAIL IS NEVER ALLOWED.  Red trail markers indicate a closed trail. Exception are granted with written permission by an authorized BLM officer.  Trails that have no signs or are not shown on BLM's recreation trail map are also closed.

DO NOT BRING WEAPONS onto the Fort Ord National Monument.  Possession, use and/or discharge of any kind of weapon is never allowed; this includes paintball guns.

FIREWORKS ARE NEVER ALLOWED.  Even small open flames or fires have the possibility of escaping and becoming large.


WOOD CUTTING OR COLLECTION IS PROHIBITED. Many animals use downed wood for nesting, sleeping or feeding.


These closures and restrictions are under the authority of 43 CFR 8341.2. Persons violating these closures and restrictions shall be subject to the penalties provided in 43 DFR 8360.0-7 and 8340.0-7, including a fine not to exceed $100,000 and/or imprisonment not to exceed 12 months.

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Images of unexploded ordnance warning signs and nformation about unexploded ordnance on the former Fort Ord


Types of unexploded ordnance including grenades, mortar shells, and flares

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